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Place functions here that have been renamed or removed from the WoW API.

  • BuyPetition(arenaFormat, "teamName") - Purchases an arena team charter (removed 4.0)
  • BuyRandomPicks(count) - Buys the requested amount of random lottery picks (removed 2.3)
  • CalendarGetDay(monthOffset, day) - Retrieves info for the specified calendar day (removed 3.1.3)
  • CraftIsPetTraining() - Determines if the current 'crafting' skill is for pet training (removed 3.0)
  • DefaultBindings() - Loads WoW default key bindings, fires UPDATE_BINDINGS (removed 3.2.0)
  • Duel(playerName) - Invites the specified player to a duel (removed ???)
  • EnablePVP() - Flags or unflags the user for PvP combat (removed 1.4.0)

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