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Event API

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Skill related events

Category: Player,Skill

Fired when some chat messages about skills are displayed.

The content of the chat message.

arg1 formats are found in Blizzard's GlobalStrings.lua. Some possibilities:

  • ERR_SKILL_GAINED_S (eg. "You have gained the Blacksmithing skill.")
  • ERR_SKILL_UP_SI (eg. "Your skill in Cooking has increased to 221.")

Category: Skill

Fired when:

  • Spellbook initially loads on client initialization. (Attempting to use GetSpellName before this is complete will result in a UI error. Note: This event happens after ADDON_LOADED and VARIABLES_LOADED.)
  • Learning new stuff that goes in the spellbook.
  • Opening the spellbook.
  • Equipping/Removing/Swapping primary weapon. (Changes the Attack icon)
  • UpdateSpells() function is called, which is used throughout the spellbook.
nil when the char learns stuff. Also when changing weapons and shapeshifting. In addition it seems to be called on regular intervals for no apparent reason.
  1. when the user opens the spellbook.
'LeftButton' when using the mouse to open the spellbook or to browse through the pages and tabs of the open spellbook.