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WorldFrame is the frame that displays the 3D world. You can have only one instance of WorldFrame. There is not much you can do to a WorldFrame, so it is best to leave the WorldFrame object in WoW alone.

WorldFrame is the frame which is used to display 3D world itself; it inherits methods of a normal frame widget. The frame is initially nonprotected, but because nameplates are protected children of the world frame, becomes protected when the first nameplate is seen. No additional WorldFrames may be created by addons.

The 3D content of this frame is rendered while keeping the vertical field of vision. So, if you widen (or flatten) WorldFrame, you'll indeed gain a wider horizontal vision angle. Also, if you're designing interface elements covering large areas of valuable screen estate, you might consider sizing WorldFrame down and thus moving it out from under your interface, so that they do not overlap too much.


Pasted from WorldFrame.xml as of Patch 4.3.4 build 15595:

This special frame is used to render the world. There can be only one of these frames!! The world is rendered in the background of the frame. Children of the world frame are visible even when the UI is turned off. You can move/resize this frame by doing something like the following:

/script WorldFrame:ClearAllPoints(); WorldFrame:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", 32, 0); WorldFrame:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", -32, 32);

which is wide-screen aware, or...

/script WorldFrame:ClearAllPoints(); WorldFrame:SetWidth(960); WorldFrame:SetHeight(736); WorldFrame:SetPoint("CENTER", 0, 32);

which assumes 4x3 aspect ratio... If you want to have the WorldFrame size/position saved, you can do:

/script WorldFrame:SetUserPlaced(true);

If you want to reset the WorldFrame's size and position, you can do:

/script WorldFrame:SetUserPlaced(false);

and then log out or reload the UI