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This page documents a user-defined function that you can copy and paste into your addon. Replace PREFIX with your addon or lib prefix to avoid conflicts between different versions of these functions.

These are cut-and-paste functions that you can use in your addons, submitted by WoWWiki contributors.  See also UI Snippets.

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The following functions aim at extending the information WoW API provides; some are provided by specialized addons rather than being copy/pastable.


allAreType(type,...) - Returns true if all the additional parameters are of the type specified.

Arguments & Returns[edit]

setArgs(myTable, "name", ...) - remember list of arguments to use for a callback
getArgs(myTable, "name", ...) - retreive stored list of arguments, plus optional extras
GetReturnValues(order, functionCall) - Get the return values from functionCall in any order you want.

Color Functions[edit]

ColorGradient(perc, R1, G1, B1, R2, G2, B2[, ...]) - Converts a percent value into a gradient from 2 or more RGB values
HexToRGB("string") - Converts a hex color string to RGB values (0-255)
HexToRGBPerc("string") - Converts a hex color string to RGB values (0.0-1.0)
RGBToHex(red, green, blue) - Converts a RGB value (0-255) into a hex string
RGBPercToHex(red, green, blue) - Converts a RGB value (0.0-1.0) into a hex string

Cursor Functions[edit]

GetCursorScaledPosition() - Return the exact position the cursor is at based on scale.

Event Functions[edit]

PLAYER_MONEY - Add a message to the chat frame when you gain or spend money.

Frame Functions[edit]

GetQuadrant(frame) - Find which quadrant of the screen a frame lies in.
GetUIParentAnchor(frame) - Returns SetPoint args for a frame, anchor is relative to nearest corner of screen.
RegisterEvents(...) - Register n number of events at once.
UnregisterEvents(...) - Unregister n number of events at once.
SetManyAttributes(...) - Simple function to embed in a frame to set many atributes at once.
UnregisterEventFromAllFrames(event) - Tell all the frames listening for event to stop listening for it.
addDropDownMenuButton(uid, dropdown, index, title, usable, onClick [, hint]) - Adds a new button to a drop down (right-click menu)

Guild Functions[edit]

GuildNameToIndex(name, searchOffline) - finds the 'guild' player index for a player name, for other guild functions.

Item Functions[edit]

EquipItemByLink(link) - Equips the first matching item found in the player's bags.

Localization Tables[edit]

LocalizedClassNames - Table of localized classes

Map Functions[edit]

GetPlayerBearing() - Returns the player's current facing bearing based on minimap arrow


Memorizing table - A special table that calculates values as needed and saves them into itself

Number Functions[edit]

round(input, n) - Round input to n places.
truncate(number, n) - Truncate a number to n decimal places.

Slash Function[edit]

GetSlashFunc - Get an existing slash command function for hooking.
RunSlashCmd - Passes a slash command to the chatframe
SlashCmdList_AddSlashCommand(name, func, ...)

String Functions[edit]

ChunkSplit(string [, length [, endChars]]) - Splits string into groups of 'length' each ending with 'endChars' (identical to PHP ChunkSplit).
CountChars(haystack, needle) - Return how many times needle is contained in haystack.
GetWords("string") - Split words on space boundary, return table
printMSG("string") - Displays a custom message to the default chat frame, for the user to see (time, code and size saver).
strfindt(tabCaptures, ...) - Wrapper for strfind() that returns captures in a table. can be used in if() clauses!
StringHash("string") - Create a fair-quality 32-bit hash of a string
substr("string", start [, length]) - Imp strsub. Returns a string from start of length (identical to PHP substr).

Table Functions[edit]

EraseTable(t) - Erase all values from a table
tinsertbeforeval(tab, valBefore, val) - Insert one value before another (without knowing its index)
tremovebyval(tab, val) - Remove a value (without knowing its index)
tcount(tab) - Count table members (works on non-integer-indexed tables)
tcopy(tabTo, tabFrom) - Recursively copy contents of one table to another

Time Functions[edit]

Get() - Get server time including seconds and milliseconds
wait(delay,function [, param [,param [,...]]]) - runs a function (with paramenters) after specified amount of time before
SecondsToDays() - Converts seconds to days/hours/minutes/seconds

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